Thursday 24 January 2008


Seeing as some have asked to see what the DNs said they would do last January...

Last January, they said:

Blueberry: Attend meetings in the house

Inkpot: Write 50 k on TTMF, commence edit of TMOTW, 2 WB assignments, 2 meeting re Iserie Valult books

Marvin: Complete 1 page of the website

Mungo: Commence Mango: The Unlucky Monkey

October & November: Discuss mystery blog

Parsley: Collect subscriptions

Sparkie: Get the gavel

Valpot: Complete edit of TLD prior to the Horse's full edit, complete Assigment 3, submit assignment 2, plan assignment 4, discuss joint books with Inkpot


Inkpot said...

I think the only person who didn't keep on target for Jan last year was me. Everyone else pretty much did what they had set out to do, perhaps not in Jan but in the year. Thanks DN. :)

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