Tuesday 1 January 2008


After the DNOTY meeting at the end of the year, I asked the DNs for their highlights of 2007. Here are some of their answers:

Valpot (DNOTY '07): Winning the Nodpot of the Year, of course. It's the absolute highlight - I couldn't wish for anything more! Of course, having an article accepted for publication was also a great occasion. Other writing highlights include a very successful DN conference and a great 10th anniversary celebration.

Inkpot (DNOTY '04 & '05): Shooting on the DN 10th anniversary... The Fight to Write Conference.. And many more.

Mungo (DNOTY '06): Just everything! The Kingdom of Animals competition. The Conference was good, so was The Five Muses.

Marvin: Valerie winning DNOTY '07 - about time too.

Parsley: I really enjoyed the Fight to Write Conference, but I really agree with Marvin about Valpot winning, about time.

Sparkie: Getting a gavel and being nominated for DNOTY '07

October & November: Being nominated for DNOTY. Also starting a wonderful blog.

Blueberry: No highlights

All the best for 2008, Nodpots! I look forward to hearing how you are getting on for a little while longer, anyway!


Bee Gears said...

You're up late tonight DN. I know, you never sleep in your tireless job of bringing us the latest news on the DN's. You're the best, DN. Happy New Year.

DN Reporter said...

We're a good team, Bee!

Looking forward to working with you in 2008.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

You're the best DN