Friday 30 November 2007

Valpot's Book Pledge - 76 - 80

Here is the latest reads from Valpot.

76: The People's Friend
A short story collection form The People's Friend magazine. The stories were in the romantic Woman's Weekly genre, and apart from one which was original, well-written, funny and sweet (co-incidentally with a strong Irish connection!), all the others were fairly standard below average stuff.
Rating: Almost Darren Shan

77. The Scandal of Fr. Brown by G.K. Chesterton
Another gem of a story collection featuring Fr. Brown. If only there were more!
Rating: Shines like The Lucky Diamond

78. Lottie the Half-Vampire by Valinora Troy
First of a (possible) new series. has potential, maybe. Needs a lot more work.
Rating: Half-way decent

79. Leaf: In search of Ramune by Mungo
As everyone knows, this is an absolutely FANTASTIC tale by Mungo. I've read and reviewed it before, and read it again prior to Mungo entering it to the Times/Chicken House competition - and it's still great!
Rating: Shines like The Lucky Diamond

80 (to 82). The Twilight Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko
This is the third volume about the Night Watch, Day Watch, and now also Inquisition. However, it consists of three separate stories, although they share an overall theme and follow on from each other. It was interesting to catch up with the characters, and the twilight is much developed form the earlier books. The glimpse of post-Soviet Russia is also pretty interesting.
Rating: Not bad

Monday 19 November 2007


Lily and her mother, Danielle.
Lily is enjoying her last meal of the day, on Saturday November 17th.
Sorry about the poor quality - we are hosting this clip as an experiment!

Sunday 18 November 2007


November seems to be a quiet month for the Disresponsible Nodpots, partly because DNOTY '04 and DNOTY '05 (ie Inkpot) is enjoying her self at the other side of the world.

I am glad to report, somewhat belatedly, I'm afraid, that prior to Inkpot journeying to the Southern Hemisphere, both Inkpot and Valpot entered the Amazon Break-Through Novel Award, while Valpot and Mungo entered The Times/Chicken House Children Novelist Award.

Best of luck to all three of you with your entries - let us know how you get on!

Monday 12 November 2007

Valpot Book Pledge 71 - 75

Here's the latest from Valpot:

71: The Wisdom of Fr. Brown by G.K.Chesterton
What can I say about this brilliant collection of short stories from the pen of a master? IT'S BRILLIANT!
Shines Like The Lucky Diamond

72. The Five Muses by Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, etc...
Excellent selection of short stories of various genres by an exciting mix of authors. Gems, every last one of them. Get your own copy (and the cover is fab!)
Shines Like The Lucky Diamond

73. The Kingdom of Animals by Various
I actually read this when it was published a few months ago but forgot to put it on the list. It's a collection of stories about the Kingdom of Animals NOT written by Mungo, though he provides sightful analysis of each tale. The winning entries of I Want To Be Like Mungo Competition are published in this wonderful collection.
Shines Like The Lucky Diamond

74. The Twelfth Card by Jeffrey Deaver
Deaver continues to entertain despite the increasingly contrived plots. The motive for this one is totally ridiculous, and it felt like there was a lot less of Lincoln and Amelia so it is not as good as earlier ones. Also I was not mad on the Happy Ending- it seemed awfully weak to me.
Curate's Egg

75. Priest (don't know the author)
Interviews/Biographies of ten holy priests who are making a difference in today's world. Different areas - from army chaplins to Siberia to American parishes. Very interesting and inspiring read.

Wednesday 7 November 2007


Best of luck on your trip to NZ, Inkpot, who is travelling there tonight with The Monster.

Have a great time the two of you!

And remember to keep reading this blog for all the latest on the Disresponsible Nodpots!


We have had great interest in our poll for October's Best Read - possibly our largest turnout yet, and I know some did try to vote after lunchtime yesterday but were too late.

Anyway, we have joint winners. The Five Muses, a brilliant collection of short stories by various people and Revenge of Queen Rose, sequel to The Lucky Diamond, were both voted BEST READ October.

However Lottie the Half-Vampire, also by Valinora Troy, was a close second.

Thanks to all who voted!

Friday 2 November 2007


This month we celebrate October and November.

It's also the month of New Zealand, and Inkpot and Judge Pamela are going to that country to walk along the beach instead of the afore mentioned nodpots October and November.

Perhaps this month you'll do some work on your blog, O and N??

Thursday 1 November 2007


I have a feeling that the Best Reads posted during November may be thin on the ground!

Anyway, here are the October candidates. Remember - only votes on this blog will be counted!

1. Lottie, The Half-Vampire by Valinora Troy

2. The Vanished Man by Jeffrey Deaver

3. The House of Thunder by Dean Koontz

4. One Door from Heaven by Dean Koontz

5. The Incredulity of Fr. Brown by G.K. Chesterton

6. The Fog by James Herbert

7. The Five Muses Anthology

8. The Revenge of Queen Rose by Valinora Troy

9. Twilight Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko

It doesn't look many but a number of these books received 10/10 by their reviewers so I expect there will be some hot competition!

Voting closes lunchtime Tuesday 6th November, so get voting!