Monday 10 September 2007

Valpot Book Pledge 56-60

Here are Valpot reviews of her books 56-60 (Note both pledgers should have reached book 100 by end of August to be up-to-date with their pledge).

56. The Bone Collector
I love the film and enjoyed the book. It was difficult not to see Denzel and Angelina as the main characters, and personally I think the film's take on the suicide was much better than the book. The whole forensic stuff was interesting to read and the denouement was different from the film. I understand - and agree with - the changes the film made in general, but still enjoyed the book.
Rating: I like it

57. The Empty Chair
Also by Jeffrey Deaver (author of The Bone Collector), I enjoyed this book even more. Lots of good character development, an unusual situation, and lots of twists.
Rating: I like it

58. Stir of Echoes
I have read The Shrinking Man and Legend, and thought both books were brilliantly written and very imaginative. In contrast, Stir of echoes seems very tame, the plot is quite light, and it has none of the impact of the other novels of his that I've read. Still, it's well written, though you would like it developed a lot more.
Rating: Not Bad

59. St Gerard Majella
I picked up a biography of this great saint a while ago. Unfortunately the style of the book is very old-fashioned, which makes it difficult to read. I ended up leaving it aside, only to finish it a couple of months later.
Rating: Amazing saint but I'm sure there's a better biography out there.

60. Blessed Miguel Pro
A short biography of this holy man but a brilliant one! He actually reminds me of Fr William Doyle (Merry in God) because he seemed to unite a sense of fun and humour with courage and heroic sanctity. If, as is rumoured, they make a film of Mexico in the 1920's and featuring this saintly priest, I will queue up to see it!
Rating: An inspiring read

Friday 7 September 2007


It's time we looked to see what book will be voted the Best Rad of Augist.

Here are the candidates (a short list this month):

The Prestige
For One Day More
The Coffin Dancer
Something Wicked This Way Comes
The Secret Of Crickley Hall
The Empty Chair
Hurin's Children
The Stone Monkey

It won't take long for you to decide - so please decide by midnight Tuesday 11th September!

Wednesday 5 September 2007


Congratulations to Inkpot - September is her special month.

Already it has started well with Inkpot being whirled off to a secret location for filming an advertisement set to surprise us next month.

We also expect her to complete her revised Mark Of The Wolf novel, which is being eagerly awaited.

Have a great month, Inkpot!

Monday 3 September 2007


Congratulations to the winners of Mungo's "I want to be like Mungo" competition.

The bookies had tipped Mango and Tottie as favourites, closely flanked by Rosie. The other entrants were not too much further behind, and October and November brought up the rear at 100/1 shots.

In a surprise move (surprise for the bookies anyway), Mungo announced that all entrants were winners in a competition with exceptionally high standard.

So well done, all of you!

For those who don't know, the winners were:

Mango & Tottie
Pamela Murphy
Dr Madeline Murphy
October & November